Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Museum Village

 Today you can come with me to the Folk Museum. The buildings have been brought from different areas in China and rebuilt to form the museum.
 If the architecture isn't enough there is a performance for our entertainment. There is an interesting array of traditional instruments and someone playing a bench. Somewhat unexpected but very effective.

 The whole place is very beautiful and set in an interesting garden. If you didn't want a ride out to the museum you can walk to the local park where there is always plenty of activity and they won't mind you joining in.
 There is Tai Chi, calligraphy line dancing, opera singing and ballroom dancing to name but a few activities.

 One of the local markets is made up of a labyrinth of small arcades each one lined with shops selling pots. We can take a wonder down these alleys but unfortunately I don't speak a word of Manderin so we can't chat to the shop keepers but it's fun just looking and no one minds us handling the pots.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

A day of temples

 Yesterday was planned as a day to visit temples! Mark is just entering the visitor centre at the first- very high tech.
 The rained poured but as intrepid explorers we equipped ourselves with umbrellas and I had a fetching little number a cross between a plastic bag and a rain coat. The poppers didn't work but no matter I always carry a roll of double sided cellotape with me and it proved very handy.

 Six Doaist Temples left us wet but ready for more.

 Unfortunately the second temple wasn't reached so easily and we had to trek up a very muddy hill to reach it.

This was the final temple of the day and by the time we reached it we were very wet and extremely muddy. This temple was claimed by both the Christians and the Buddists, the others were Toaist and Doaist.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Visiting China

We've been in China for a few days now though I think I may have slept most of the first day. The second day we explored the local park and shops. Mark and Miriam have found a spot of shade in the park.
 On day three we travelled out to a village where my daughter had heard there was a local artist. At the moment it is a national holiday in China and in the village there was an air of excitement and celebration. We passed three weddings in the village and villagers had taken to the streets to perform their chores or just chat.

 At the artist's studio he was pleased to show us his work and pulled scrolls out from under his work station. His work is done in the traditional way with inks on a very thin paper. The village is surrounded by mountains so he goes out into the mountains to sketch before working up his paintings.
 From that village we went onto another with a Buddist Temple which was an opportunity for a family photo!
The following village had a large museum showing 'Farmers' Art'. Under Mao intellectuals were unable to work and artists were placed in this category and instead Mao wanted local peasant farmers to create art. Most of the art was very political and very illustrative but much of it was very finely drawn. one village still produces Farmer Art but it is largely a tourist attraction.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

I've been recording some of the images I use on my pots. Decorating my pots is very important to me and I can't think about making pots without thinking of the images I am going to sgraffito onto them.
I have found the two books above very interesting as they illustrate how a number of makers use drawings to inform their work.
Last Friday I went to see an exhibition called Drawing Inspirations at Crafts in the Bay, Cardiff. It was an inspirational view into how makers used their drawing practice to inform their work. You can follow the link to see some images of the exhibition. The exhibition was curated by Alex McErlain who has done some beautiful collaborative work with Alice Kettle. I was particularly interested to see the drawings behind the ceramics of Richard Heeley.
Just as an aside I did get to the exhibition via A&E as Mark had somehow broken a toe coming down a tree! Needless to say he didn't make it to the exhibition and is now limping around.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Latest Bowls

 Here are some of the bowls I've done most recently. The ones with the ladies are something of a homage to William Newland. I'm not sure how these will go down but I'm going to develop the idea a bit more to see where it goes.
 Last week-end was spent at Wardlow Mires Food and Pots Festival. Here is just a flavour of the event. There were  a number of Japanese potters with their work which was a real treat to see work we might not usually see.
Of all the festivals this is the most relaxed which must have something to do with all the good food and beers! Of course Pat and Geoff Fuller must also take a lot of the credit.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

 Last week-end was spent at Ceramic Wales. This was a new show in a beautiful light filled building in Wrexham.
There was a wonderful diverse range of ceramics. I quickly took some photos of a few stands. Unfortunately my camera doesn't do them justice but it may give you a flavour of the range of work. The work above is by Niek Hoogland and Pim Van Huisseling

                                                                        Simon Shaw
                                                                    Wayne Clark
                                                                     Wendy Lawrence
                                                                      Mari Wells

It just remains to repack the van ready for Pots and Food at Wardlow Mires. This is a fun show where selling pots is interspersed with eating fine food. If you,re in the area look it up.