Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Brampton pots!

My creation
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Thought I'd post these images that I have been using this year because I need to create a new set for the coming years applications.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sunday Ceramics

Sunday was a beautiful soft, warm Autumnal day. Perfect for a trip to London. First stop The Victoria and Albert Museum to see the newly re-opened ceramics galleries. It was a very quick visit so we only got the flavour of it. The two pots above are from Cyprus and really got my attention.
I will take a day off at some stage for a return visit to have a good look.
I've put the two pictures in below just to give you an idea of just how many pots were crowded together. There were displays where pots were given more space and prominence but many were in close proximity.
I think that there are more galleries to be opened one featuring British pottery maybe later in the year.

From the V and A we dashed to Brick Lane for some lunch and on to the Geffrye Museum. Our main objective was to see Hannah. Her display looked good and it was good to catch up with a fellow blogger. Although our work looks different we both work with slipware and it's all ways good to compare notes. By the time we got home I was exhausted but it was a fun day out.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Still working

I'm having a late start this morning as a clean up operation was needed in the pottery. The boys are on an inset day (when they were small they used to call it an insect day!) I've had the vacuum out there to make sure there isn't too much build up of dust. The little bowls are all tests for ideas. Don't know if the lustre on the insects will show up in the pictures. Thy are quite dark so I will try omitting the oxide painting underneath. At first I wasn't at all impressed and felt totally underwhelmed but then I carried one outside to put tomatoes in. As the sunlight caught the lustre it looked glorious. So I will try a few more tests.

Packed the kiln for a biscuit this morning but these are the pots that wouldn't fit in! There are a few more on the shelves too so I'd over estimated the capacity of the kiln. I think I need 2 kilns!!
Son number 1 has just put his music on the whole house is pounding so I must get back to the pottery quickly!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Back to work

Just sorting out my 'to do' list before I started work this morning. It's a pleasant way to start with a cup of coffee.
I've been so keen to get back to work that I didn't tidy the studio before I started! Now there is stuff everywhere. Finished bowls drying and bowls in polythene ready for decoration.
And these tiny bowls that I've got through the glaze firing in a hurry to use them as test pieces for applying some lustre. How will that go? Don't know will have to wait and see. Hopefully the lustre will come in the post tomorrow.
Two boys are back at shool and one to go!!