Thursday, 26 January 2012

Feather bowls

Today I have been enjoying producing some more feather bowls. It's quite relaxing to return to something I've made many times before.
I started the day with a swim and had a long lunch break at the local cafe where they do 'all day breakfast'. So I cann't say I've worked very hard today!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New year

I am still busy potting but I have not had time to blog! At the moment my daughter is home from China where she and her husband are learning Mandarin and teaching. We hadn't seen her for two and a half years so there are plenty of things to catch up on. There are also pub lunches and coffee breaks and meeting up with friends.
I decided to make a reliquary for myself. The lid fitted perfectly but to save space in the kiln I fired the lid and base separately. Now I know not to do that in future as they both wrapped.
The bowls below are from a batch that I fired recently. I usually make thing in batches of six to twelve. These take a day each to decorate which never ceases to amaze me. At the moment I have at least twelve smaller bowls in the damp cupboard so I know i have plenty to keep me busy.