Monday, 16 May 2016


 Our woodland was transformed as the bluebells came out. This was an unexpected burst of colour and the fragrance was wonderful. 
When not trying to work in our own garden we are exploring National Trust gardens to get some ideas of what to do in our own!

 This is Dyffryn Gardens near Cardiff. I forget to take any photos until we were almost through the gardens. However we enjoyed our visit and felt we should go on to explore other places in the vicinity.

 Our next stop was at this amazing medieval church. An organised coach party were in the middle of a lecture about the paintings so we merged into the crowd. These amazing wall paintings have only recently been uncovered and have remained hidden under layers of plaster. They were probably painted in 1430.

 Progress in the pottery is slow as we are still trying to get the house in some order. But all is now functioning and usable. It's been a real relief to get back to work but at times frustrating. The first few pots have come through successfully so that is a big milestone. I can now look forward to developing some new ideas.