Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Pottery and Politics

With the airing of the Great British Throw Down pottery is receiving some new attention. For those of you who may be interested here is a link to a debate in parliament recently. See the transcript here.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

What do you do when............?

 What do you do when your daughter visits you from China? you go to Barry Island. ( Didn't see Gavin and Stacey ).
You also visit castles, there are plenty to choose from in Wales.

                                                                                      .................two in one day can't be bad!

What do you do when.............?

What do you do when all your children visit you for Mothers' Day? You take them all to St. Fagans Museum of Welsh Folk Life.
It was a wonderful Mothers' day which I really enjoyed.

What do you do when.....?

What do you do when there are so many builders in the house you can't move without falling over one? You 'borrow' your husbands new bike and go for a cycle ride. But don't tell him - I won't if you don't!