Tuesday, 28 May 2013

 Pots and more pots. Often it can look as though there is little progress in the pottery. Because my work has quite a lot of decoration it is slow to produce but then when I catch up with the glazing work starts to come through the kiln.
These bowls are now ready to come to Earth and Fire at Rufford in a few weeks time.

 This plate is one of several that I have made  where I have tried a different treatment on the rim. Not sure if I will pursue this idea or not. I might try out a few different directions with it.
 I was unhappy with this bowl as when I came to decorate it I could see the throwing lines inside. I usually use a throwing rib to take these out when I throw the bowls but had somehow missed that part of the process on this one. I was just going to sling it into the recycling bin when I thought I'd use it to try a different design. so instead of taking my usual care with it I quickly drew out this owl. I didn't want to spend hours writing around the edge when it might just end up in the bin. But now it's finished I rather like the boldness of the owl.
I have had builders here for over two weeks putting in a new shower room upstairs!! When I showed them these tiles I'd made they volunteered to put them in the down stairs toilet. They are quite uneven but add a splash of colour.