Thursday, 11 April 2013

My studio

 I thought you might like to join me in my pottery today. The studio is bijou so you'll have to squeeze in.
 Have a peek into the corner! The laptop is just used as a radio most of the time. I hope you like radio 2 or we might just listen to Alan Bennett's Talking Heads' on Youtube.
 The size of my studio to some extent restricts what I can make as space is so limited.

Look there's yesterday's bowl left out. I have several of these bowls thrown and ready to decorate so I know what I'll be doing for quite a few days.
Lets get on with today's bowl. This was thrown from 2 kilos of clay, slipped and then turned so now it's ready for the decoration.

I'm loosely drawing out the illustration using food colour. I've got some pictures from books and some of my own drawing to work from. I really enjoy drawing onto the leather hard clay with the colour. I don't need a detailed drawing to follow but just a general layout.

 The bowl is wide enough so I can get my hand inside to work on the sgraffito. Sorry lunch has to be a hurried affair as the bowl is drying out. 
By 3 o'clock we can have a break- that's my hot chocolate next to the drawings I'm working from

It's seven o'clock now and we can finish for the day. Time to think about cooking dinner. Only just managed to get that bowl finished!