Thursday, 28 January 2010


Can't quite get blogger to to what I want today!!
I returned to the V and A yet again the other day as I was meeting someone for lunch in China Town. It was a Saturday and to my amazement it was even busier than on the previous Sundays. It's beginning to get the air of Barry Island on a miners' bank holiday!!
The pot below is quite odd it's an upside down pot. You can only set it down when you have drunk your ale because the bottom is the man's hat. A novel idea.
I am working on plates this week but as I cann't get any more pictures to upload will have to post them another time.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Santa braves the snow !

The snow has really persisted here and even yesterday the children were sent home from school! But never fear Santa made his way to our house! It's unheard of for any post to reach us before lunch time but Santa knocked on the door first thing in the morning. I was still in the bath and before I could even dry Mark had opened the parcel. He immediately took possession of the bowl saying it was perfect for cereals! As I don't eat cereals (and he does) I think I can see where he's going with this!!
Lovely bowl by Ron. I have been studying the foot which is beautifully turned and I may have to try to refine mine now. Thanks Ron. I think Secret Santa has been a good idea and has helped us make tangible connections with each other.

A few bowls out of the glaze firing this week. Have had to get on and do some firings just to stay warm.