Thursday, 17 September 2015

Moving slowly

 The piles of boxes are getting higher both in the house and the studio.
 The Pots and Food festival in Wardlow Mires was a welcome distraction from packing boxes. As the kiln is disconnected now work has come to a halt. It feels very strange not to be working.
My trustee helpers came along to lend a hand and share the victuals.
 I took along a new display unit for the bowls. Now I've seen it in the pictures I think it's time to give it a coat of paint. There were plenty of beautiful and useful pots I wish I had taken more photos.
I was really taken with Patia Davis' work. Although I don't have a picture of her stand you can view a beautiful video about her here.

 My youngest son is now set up in halls or residence and ready to start college next week. I met him in London. We just happened to go past this chap painting a mural. It is a colourful addition to all the murals around Spitalfields.
 Here's a view of an interesting deli in the same area. I don't think I'll get to London before we move now so we popped in and out of some of our favourite shops and finished at Borough Market.