Friday, 15 August 2014

new bowls

 I made a few of these bowls to take to Rufford to see how they would be received. They sold really well so I feel encouraged to try to develop this simpler style.
Initially I thought it might be a quicker way of working but I am finding that although the end result looks simpler it takes just as long to make.
As well as simplifying the overall look I wanted a 'retro' look where the colour didn't quite match the line work. I used to collect old reading schemes and I remember the illustrations being like this.I got a few out to check if I had remembered rightly and certainly the figures had a line of white space around them. It may have just been because they were produced cheaply or maybe it was a 1960's thing.
Although in my minds eye I can see the result I want I'm not there yet and it may be a bit more involved to create than I thought.
I'm enjoying the process though so I will get back to it next week.