Sunday, 4 August 2013

recent work

 I bought these yunomi from Yo Thom some years ago at Rufford. I don't know why but I made this little stand for them.
They are a delight to use as they are beautifully proportioned and very light.

 As I was in the garden photographing some pots I thought I would just take a few shots of this corner of the garden. As you may see the slugs think of this as more of a cafe.
The jugs below are ready to go to John Edgeler ready for the wood firing in September. They are only about 10 inches high. The theme is 'fish and ships' and it's for a special project John is bringing together. It's an exciting project drawing on the history of North Devon slip ware. Do read more about the project on their blog. For anyone interested in slip ware it is a fascinating read.
 I couldn't resist glazing one of the jugs. So here it is. It seemed such an odd thing not to be glazing them after they were biscuit fired as usually there is quite a routine to working where glazing follows biscuit firing.

 This casserole came out of the same glaze firing. At the moment I am busy working for the next two fairs so I was glad to get out on Saturday for a change of scene. We headed up to Spitalfields for a wander. The street art is great fun You can read more about it here. Back to work tomorrow. There's plenty of work in my damp cupboard to keep me busy.