Monday, 8 September 2014

A juggling act

 Do you remember these puzzles we had as children? You had to move the pieces around to make the picture or the run of numbers. They could be quite frustrating if you couldn't quite get them where they needed to be!
Well my studio has been a bit like that. I've had to keep moving pots around so that I can continue using the space. I've had to get bisque firings on to clear work space for throwing then I've had to get on and glaze to keep the space clear...

 It feels as though my studio is shrinking around me. I really need a bigger space.
 I've had to go to London twice recently to apply for a Chinese visa. the first time I went on to Brick Lane for a little wander and a coffee after queueing for three hours. These wall painting are all off Brick Lane. My favourite place for coffee is in No 5 Fournier Street where they also keep a good range of pots by Jonathan Garrett.

 When I returned a few days later I popped into the British Museum for a wander. I so like these tiles. I get excited about them every time.

 I really enjoy this mouth watering mug and of course I thought of Hannah when I saw it.
 I'm always looking out for objects with script on them and it never fails to fascinate me but isn't this a bit macabre!? It's been a very busy, but enjoyable, few weeks so on Sunday afternoon we went for a walk around the lake. It's just minutes away from our house but we hardly ever make time to stroll around. There were bird watchers out but I don't know what they are all looking at! I expect that many of the birds are getting ready to migrate.
We are getting ready to head to Wardlow Mires next week-end for Pots and Food. 
It's a very enjoyable week-end with a great combination of pots and fine food. Do come along and sample both. I'm looking forward to both! It's also in a very beautiful part of the world.