Saturday, 16 April 2011

Work in progress

This week the 3 boys have all been home for the Easter holidays. However, I have been able to get a full week of work done with only the occasional war cry of 'what is there to eat'! This is a first and shows they just must be getting older and more independent. ( They are, after all 20, 17 and 14).
I have been doing these insect bowls all week. They take quite a bit of concentration to get the drawings fairly accurate so that the insects are identifiable. I am always scouring 2nd hand book shops for good entomology books. I got two on ebay this week but neither of them had very good illustrations. One was really just a nostalgic memory from childhood because my parents used to buy me the Ladybird books on nature. I suspect my parents threw them away long ago! The other did have some interesting poems referring to insects so that might be useful.
The top picture shows my garden from the pottery-I thought I might record it throughout the summer to see how it progresses. I have very little time for gardening but I am hoping to enjoy as much time as I can in the garden this year.