Friday, 30 May 2014

Another firing

 The weather has been grey all week but the garden still cheers me up. This is the view from the studio. Hopefully there will be some sun shine over the week-end so I can do more gardening. I am definitely a fair weather gardener.
 I unloaded the kiln this morning. Here is another commission for a wedding bowl. I am always pleased when they come out well.
 Here are a couple of jugs from this firing. Most of the work coming through at the moment will come to earth and Fire with me.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Out of my system

 Working within the slipware tradition I am aware of the beautiful harvest jugs from North Devon. I thought I might do my own take on them. I enjoyed doing them and I feel that I've got it out of my system now.
Although it was interesting to make them I don't think I'll be doing any more.
I'm not even sure what I can do with these now but it was somehow pleasing to get the feel of how they were decorated with all that scratching away.

 I feel much more comfortable with my usual way of working and decorating.

 Above are some of the bowls I have made recently. The bowls below are the most recent and I've tried to simplify them and introduce more colour. I've only completed a few of these so far but I'm looking forward to playing about with this idea a bit more. I didn't want to do too many of these until I had some through the glaze firing but when I finish the back log of things in the damp cupboard I will return to them.