Saturday, 17 December 2016

 Just a few days ago I was busy in the pottery getting a batch of casseroles finished so that I could take an unexpected trip before Christmas.
Two days latter here I am in China again! As it's the holiday time there were few flights at an affordable price and so I left my house in Blackmill at 7.50 on Wednesday morning and travelling through Amsterdam and Cheng Du to arrive in Xian 9.30 Thursday night.
today was as sunny as it gets in Xian allowing for the pollution so a walk in the park was in order.
Possibly these photograph were put up by students but I thoughth their simple display method worked a treat.
 All around the park were hundreds of these stone sculptures. They are anchors for you to tie your horse to - obviously just ornamental now. The students had protested about the level of pollution by adding these masks to them!

A walk in the park is a great way to spend an afternoon in China with your daughter, son in law and granddaughter.