Wednesday, 20 August 2008

In search of Medieval pots.

I am still at home with the boys rather than potting. Today I decided to take the boys to London in search of medieval pots . But where have all the medieval pots gone? The V and A have closed the fourth floor ceramics department and are also redoing their medieval galleries. The British Museum have closed all their medieval galleries whilst creating a whole new set of medieval galleries. I found a few medieval pots at the Museum of London but was told I could only take photos if I didn't use flash. The pots were wonderful even though they don't have many on display.
We went to China Town for lunch before I trecked two boys and a husband across to the Craft Potters Shop. I picked up a copy of Ceramic Review for September/November and found it had an article by Hannah entitled A World of Opportunity. I was tempted to scan it into the computer and put it in here but I am sure Hannah will do that. Hopefully will find my way back to the pottery next week.