Sunday, 30 June 2013


 Last week-end was the annual pottery festival at Rufford. It's  good place to catch up with old friends and to make new friends. Above is Tim Huckstepp's stand he was my pottery neighbour for the week-end.
Below is my stall. I wish that I'd managed to take more photos as some potters have really thought out their stands to show their work to best advantage.

 Margaret Frith always has a good variety of forms wearing lush glazes.
 Rachel's work is so painterly and subtle. Unfortunately this photo doesn't show the soft colours and beautiful texture of her pots.
 Vivienne Ross adds a touch of humour and delicacy with her work.

Finally Darren Ellis who won the prize for best dressed stall. His pots were rich and earthy but looked very practical. All these potters were in the back courtyard where I was but there were over a hundred potters all together.
You can go to Priscilla Mouritzen and Paul Jessop for more details of the week-end.