Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Time to load up!

Until a few weeks ago there was a cupboard under our stairs with a door to a dark space. One day with a little time to spare (and my husband had popped out ) I took a sledge hammer to the wall and opened up the space. It left some very unsightly holes but with some plastering and painting I've now got a usable little space.
Above are a few pots out of the kiln this morning. These need to be packed up for Potfest.
This is my notice board with pictures I used to work from for the box below. I'm dragging my feet today as I should be packing the van but I am hesitating in case I need to nip out to get some last minute things.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Rustic Shelves

Well here are my rustic shelves. I don't know why owning a work-mate bench and a saw made me think I could build anything- after all owning a car doesn't make me think I can drive like Jenson Button. They certainly are rustic and oh so heavy it must be the most expensive 'pallet' ever created.
Now I can't decide whether to use them or not!

Experimenting with photos

I have been thinking about how I would like my work to be photographed. I would like it to be contextualised more. I look at the photos in cookery books and I see exactly what I want. If you can have a look at Jonathan Lovekin's photos in Nigel Slaters books. The Kitchen Diaries has just the sort of moody inviting pictures that I want.
I don't know how to do it myself but I am certainly aspiring to a new look as I need some new images.
Off to make some rustic shelves now with raclaimed floor boards. DIY is not my strong point so here goes.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


It is absolutely beautiful in the garden this morning. I was busy in the pottery until 10:30 last night finishing this box so I thought a slow start was OK this morning.

Potfest is fast approaching. There is plenty to browse through on their web site and they too have a blog.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Ongoing work

Ceramics South East seems ages away now. There were very few people out and about and of those who were very few were buying pots. People appeared to be just looking more as if they were visiting a museum!
It was enjoyable meeting pottery friends and catching up with friendships old and new.
Today I had some jugs to finish and then it was onto some big shallow bowls. These were not on my list of things to make but I felt like making them. On Friday I had a desire to throw something bigger.
When I am throwing I think it's the best part of the process and enjoy the challenges it presents and the rhythm of working.
Today when I was decorating this bowl I thought decorating was the best thing. Having a blank canvas to work on, the immediacy of the lines, the feeling of the tool skating though the slip leaving a thin dark line.

This is one of the tureens I made a little while ago. It's not quite the shape I want but I will do some more. I need to work some more on the surface decoration as well as the form as I am not happy with the negative spaces.