Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More bowls

Ouite a few of these jugs I did to demonstrate to a student. When I taught in Adult Education I never kept any of the pots I did to demonstrate but it suddenly ocured to me that I could actually finish these jugs now I am in my own studio. They are all in the Kent clay which I am still working on in between doing my usual work.
The bowls are very small-500 grams of clay. There are about 20 still under polythene waiting to be decorated.
Ihave had a day off today because I have a cough and it makes working difficult. I strolled around the garden to see everything bursting into fresh green shoots. The bluebells have just appeared on the bank- I never planted them so that is a pleasant bonus. I am all ready looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

End of holiday!!

The troglodytes have been bivouacked at my house for the past fortnight but tomorrow they regroup at school. Mostly I have been feeding boys, washing , ironing cleaning and taxing. Saturday my youngest son was 13 so we took the boys to Wagamamas. Today Mark and I left boys to their own devises and spent the day at the V and A. It was the necessary antidote.
I have also been doing a little painting. I have bought several different watercolour papers to experiment with. They are so different to work with. But I am all ready thinking that it would take a large investment in time to learn about watercolour painting and I may just go back to enjoying it in a light hearted way and not worry about the technicalities too much!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Break

Happy Easter everybody! This is our 'Easter tree'. We are in holiday mood and have spent the day gardening and enjoyed a walk around the lake. The birds are all busy pairing up and nest making.The herons have flown over the house twice and they are quite a sight up close.
This is my orchid which I am posting for Miri . It may look fairy small but it has been blooming for months. I was going to throw it away before Miri potted it up in one of her bowls. Miri has been setting up a pottery in Puerto Rico and it's looking really good.
Finished these bowls last week but I don't think I will get too much done this week with the boys all at home. Maybe a firing or two to keep things moving along.