Monday, 20 February 2012


A few years ago at Potfest the competition was entitled 'shrine or reliquary'. This was one of the ideas I played with at the time. However, I did nothing with it as I wanted the feather to be set in resin. I never got around to researching how to do that but a friend has just done it for me.
I'm not sure I'll have the time to do anything with the idea now but I am finding this fascinating, apparently you can set almost anything in resin my friends are exploiting the idea setting pieces of text and found objects into the resin.
While we were with our friends we also visited Tate Margate. So it was a relaxing, enjoyable week-end.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Just a quick post to show you this jug I bought recently. I found it in a local 'antique' shop. The owner said it was French but of course I doubt it's either French or antique, however, I really liked it. The pictures are just ones I've hastily taken in my kitchen.
One of the reasons I bought it was because I would very much like to throw more pots from the Kent clay but as yet I haven't been able to match my slip and glaze to it and almost always get splintering on the edges. Looking at this though I think I might make some jugs with slip trailing and not cover the whole pot with slip.
Friday I threw a dozen or more jugs from the commercial clay I use which was very hard and quite difficult to throw. In fact I was wondering what was wrong with me. Then at the end of the day I thought I would have a bit of fun just throwing the Kent clay. What a difference!! It almost threw its self. If I ever get time I would like to explore the possibility of using the Kent clay more.
There was a pottery in Kent making slipware in the 17th century. I've put some pictures at the top. ( I seem to have almost no control over wher blogger puts pictures!!)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Meet the family!

My daughter returned to china yesterday after being here for six weeks. I thought I would introduce you to the family. Here we all are - that's me , my husband, our daughter , three sons and son-in-law.
It's definitely time to get a move on with pottery. It's very cold out in the pottery so tomorrow I must get a biscuit firing on if only to get warm.