Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fruit platter!

I'd booked tickets to go to the Selvedge Spring Fair for Saturday. So despite the snow we went ahead and made the journey to London. I wish I'd thought to take some photos now as it was very refreshing seeing totally different work. ( All fabric, textiles and knitted things with a very retro feel. Very nostalgic).
We tried to feel more spring like with Penny's fruit platter for pudding when we got home.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Tea Caddy part 2

I've been wanting to experiment with gold lustre for a while. The idea of adding extra layers to the pots appeals to me so I thought I would use the tea caddy to test the idea. Although I think the idea needs more work I like the result. Playing around with new materials is very motivational and I'm keen to go on experimenting.
I've been very fortunate this week to get some work photographed professionally so the credits for these photos goes to Sussie Ahlberg.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tea caddy

Just recently I thought I would explore some new shapes. At the end of the day when I had really finished work I thought I would throw just one more pot to try a different shape. As it turned out the pot wasn't centred very well and I was about to throw it out when I thought I may as well do some quick sgraffito on it to see how the shape worked. Here is the finished pot. Although the pot isn't very good I think it gives me a really good surface for decorating. I've since thrown some more to work with so I am looking forward to getting out to the studio to draw on them.