Thursday, 27 December 2012

A holiday with a difference.

 We went out to China before Christmas to visit my daughter who lives in Xi'an. We had a wonderful time and returned in time for Christmas. ( You may be pleased to hear that the coat didn't make it back I thought it best to leave it in China).
We did many excursions and ate a huge range of Chinese food, visited plush, luxurious hotels and villages living in traditional Chinese style which probably hasn't changed for hundreds of years.
 However, there was not much of pottery interest. There was of course the terra-cotta warriors. There certainly were armies of them and they were definitely impressive.

 There was Xi'an's pottery museum. Xi'an was once China's capital and the beginning of the silk route. The museum was amazing with it's wonderful tri-coloured horses and beautiful carved celadon vases.
But, of course, best of all was spending time with my daughter and her husband. Mark and my middle son Toby also came so there was much laughter and fun. 
I have hundreds of photos so I might just post a few more at some stage.