Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Taking photographs

When I restated after the Christmas break I had quite a few pots waiting to be glazed. In some ways that has been good because I've had finished pots through the kiln which has made me feel I am making progress.
It has also helped to warm the studio up which is a bonus given the really cold weather. In fact, I put a biscuit firing on before I came in tonight and I am already looking forward to the comfort of a warm studio tomorrow.
Today I thought I should take some photos of this recent work. Usually I take photos outside. I wait for a very bright sunny day and then take them in a shady area. However with the very wet and cold weather we've been having I decide that I should try to take some photos in doors.
The top three pictures and the bottom two are taken in doors. Then I thought I should brave the cold and damp and take some outdoors so that I could compare the two. They are picture four and five.
Neither are exactly what I want and I'm thinking when I finish the pots I am currently working on it may be time to look for a professional photographer.