Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mary Wondrausch exhibition

 Life has been very busy for some weeks now. Our first granddaughter, Isabella Rosemary Griffin, was born on the 23rd of December. So there has been much rejoicing.
However, in the new year I did make time to go to see Mary Wondrausch's
 exhibition in Compton. The exhibition celebrated Mary's 90th birthday. I hope I'm still potting when I'm 90!
 The pots were in colourful settings with props and artifacts alongside them. There was also Mary's vibrant paintings which looked as if they had just leapt off the easel. Mary seemed to making a bold statement about her work with the way she presented it. It had references to country pottery and was placed in a folk art setting.
The exhibition was in the Issac Watts Gallery in Compton which we also enjoyed looking around. To complete the day out the gallery had a tea room!! We had a very pleasant lunch and a good day out.