Monday, 28 April 2014

 Spring has definitely sprung and the bluebells are wonderful. We managed to get out for a family walk between the showers on Sunday. (We did loose a boy en route but that's another story-he did turn up at home much later!)
 In the past I've been very reluctant to make mugs as they are a lot of work and it seems to me you cannot charge very much for them. However, with the summer festivals coming up I decided I really needed to revisit them as people do enjoy buying mugs, after all it's very nice to take something home from a show and a mug is something you my use every day.
 Here are a few from the first batch I made and I've tried to make the decoration fairly loose (for me).
 Here are more mugs but from the second batch I made and I've used some stamps on them to add a different form of decoration.

 Here is a final mug which I am using myself now as I decided it was probably to 'free'.
 These bowls are commissions all ready to go to help celebrate somebodies special occasions.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Meet the family

Here they are - the whole family! Tomorrow my daughter, grandaughter and son-in-law all fly home to China. It's been an amazing few months with lots of fun and laughter.
Here's a picture of them at the Brampton olympics (but please don't tell them I posted this) held yesterday.

Friday, 4 April 2014


 This is a page from my sketch book. I've been decorating bowls all week and I usually work from my sketch book. But at the moment I am trying to simplify the drawings so they aren't as naturalistic. 
In order to achieve this. I've then made some collages and  from these made some templates.
I'll try to remember to photograph the bowls and then I can assess how successful or otherwise they are.