Wednesday, 20 August 2008

In search of Medieval pots.

I am still at home with the boys rather than potting. Today I decided to take the boys to London in search of medieval pots . But where have all the medieval pots gone? The V and A have closed the fourth floor ceramics department and are also redoing their medieval galleries. The British Museum have closed all their medieval galleries whilst creating a whole new set of medieval galleries. I found a few medieval pots at the Museum of London but was told I could only take photos if I didn't use flash. The pots were wonderful even though they don't have many on display.
We went to China Town for lunch before I trecked two boys and a husband across to the Craft Potters Shop. I picked up a copy of Ceramic Review for September/November and found it had an article by Hannah entitled A World of Opportunity. I was tempted to scan it into the computer and put it in here but I am sure Hannah will do that. Hopefully will find my way back to the pottery next week.


  1. I know, it's been shut for ages. A good friend of mine has just got a job at the V&A and will be leaving us to go there. I'll send her to tell them to hurry up.
    Scary seeing me in print, found it a bit odd ebven though I knew it might get in there at some point.

  2. I too was annoyed at the V&A for being closed when I went there especially. They did have a nice Japanese and Korean selection of pots, which I found interested but probably not that interesting to any of you slippery characters.

  3. Yes, it annoyed me too last time I went. Must get a copy of CR

  4. you make us sound like eels Andrew!

  5. Well, you do all make eely good pots....

    ... I'll get my coat...

  6. Don't worry andrew I'll get it for you.
    Do you know that the Somerset Museum in Taunton that has a fantastic display of slipware pots is closed at the moment as well.
    what's going on out there.