Monday, 27 July 2009

Pots in the Park

Potfest in the Park was a wonderful week-end of pots and pot talk. In fact I obviously talked too much because I took almost no photographs! We did get a view of one of the lakes on Saturday evening. I had never been to that part of the world before so I did want to get a view of the water. It is a very beautiful area and we were blessed with some wonderful sunsets. Mostly I was at my stall and I never even saw all the other stands which seems such a shame when there were so many good pots and excellent potters there.
Mathieu van der Giessen was diagonally behind me so I enjoyed handling his slipware. I bought some plates from him that I am going to use daily. I bought quite a bit of pottery that I am looking forward to using in the kitchen.

I should have taken some photos of my stand at the beginning of the week-end as it's looking a bit bare here. I found the week-end very motivational and it was good to meet Christine as I feel I know her through her blog. I would very much like to be getting straight back into the studio but I've got a fortnight off now . A week to prepare for a youth camp followed by the week cooking at Newday.


  1. I wish I'd managed to get there but it was not to be. Shame as we're not often that close together. Oh well, hopefully I'll see you at the Geffrye in September. Hope you did well. The stand looks good.

  2. Great to meet you Margaret. I love my new wild boar plate!

  3. "Looking a bit bare"...sounds like another successful event, huh? That's wonderful! BTW, I love the framed photographs of your work. M

  4. Wow, the stall looked amazing.

  5. your stall looks great glad you had a good show..matts works looks good too..

  6. Your stall looks great glad you had a good show...don miss to take the photographs...its worth keeping those photographs with u..Thanks for sharing..

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