Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Need to make some space!

My studio is very small and at the moment it seems to be cluttered up. A good clean up is needed. Part of the problem is that the weather has been so hot I have been reluctant to fire the kiln as it is in the studio and it makes it exceedingly hot for working and the ongoing work is drying too fast.

One of the things I like to make are colanders. Although I must have made a large number over the years I still like to make them. It's the challenge of making something that is good to hold and functions as it's meant to and looks good as well.

This is the door from the garden to the studio. I only have to walk a few feet from the house to work. When the weather is as warm as it has been I enjoy working with the door open onto the garden. This week I have been able to sit in the garden to eat my lunch which is such a simple thing but one I enjoy immensely.


  1. The beautiful setting for your studio makes up for its lack of space!

  2. I would so love to have a garden like yours, but we have shade and deer. Not a great combination for a garden like that!

  3. heheh sounds funny too hot to work in but i get ya drift, lovely path to your studio..and lovely colanders too...

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