Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Time to load up!

Until a few weeks ago there was a cupboard under our stairs with a door to a dark space. One day with a little time to spare (and my husband had popped out ) I took a sledge hammer to the wall and opened up the space. It left some very unsightly holes but with some plastering and painting I've now got a usable little space.
Above are a few pots out of the kiln this morning. These need to be packed up for Potfest.
This is my notice board with pictures I used to work from for the box below. I'm dragging my feet today as I should be packing the van but I am hesitating in case I need to nip out to get some last minute things.


  1. Fabulous box Margaret. Looking forward to seeing you too, safe trip north.

  2. Box is beautiful.
    See you on Sunday at Potfest.

  3. I really like the box. It's gonna go this weekend for sure.

  4. wow love it, espec all the rustic with the clay coming through mmmmm..

  5. Hello...
    Just found your's GORGEOUS!
    Is there a way for someone in the U.S. to purchase your work?