Friday, 8 October 2010


I'm trying to multi-task this morning whilst awaiting the arrival of a new washing machine. Trying to clear space for the men to get the new machine in through the hall and clean the mess from the old one whilst cooking and blogging. You may not be surprised that it isn't working.
It's a beautiful day and when the sun comes out the garden is fluttering with blue tits. The other day they settled onto the seeds of the crocosmia and looked beautiful. I couldn't catch them on camera so I decided to put them onto the casseroles. They are such colourful, bright birds.
You have to look very carefully but you may just see them in the photos.

Whilst I'm in the house I am also planning on making some templates for a smaller reliquary. I'm hoping to get back out the studio this afternoon as I've still got jugs wrapped in polythene awaiting decoration.


  1. At first glance, I read "put them in to casseroles" ! Anyway, your depiction of them on the outside of the casseroles is beautiful.

  2. It was interesting seeing your earlier pictures of Porthgain, and the Blue Lagoon. I was there a couple of weeks ago [at both] but I expect it was much nicer when you visited as it was too busy for my liking.
    The little white building at the side of the harbour was available for rent [peppercorn] not so long ago, the artist Jackie Morris told me that she thought of taking it for a gallery/studio of her own, but decided against it as she prefers solitude.