Thursday, 31 March 2011

Today I have been mostly...

Many years ago I was fortunate to pick this book up cheaply. It's full of wonderful illustrations of a diverse selection of pottery. One of the pictures is of a pilgrim flask by Minton. I have searched the Internet extensively but can't find a picture of the same ones. Anyway, I decided that one day I would make my own as it looked like it was creating a good surface for illustrative decoration.
This week I decide to just experiment with making one.
I've put some photos of some pilgrim flasks below. One by Bernard Leach and I think that the others are by Minton.
The one I made has a number of 'parts' it went together quite easily. I would like to play with the idea some more when I can clear some time to explore the idea.


  1. love your work! thanks for sharing the inspiration - I also have that book and haven't paged through it in ages. Off the shelf it comes.

  2. Your flasks look great Margaret.

  3. beautiful

    cant take my eye off any thing.......