Thursday, 15 December 2011

Song lyrics

I am working on these shallow bowls at the moment. My damp cupboard is full of work under polythene and I am amazed that each bowl is taking me a day to decorate.
I am trying to think of song lyrics to run around the rim of these bowls. I would like to have love songs that include birds and bees or seasons. I think the songs need to be familiar to people so that they can recall the song as they read the words. When I do a pottery fair it's amazing how many people stop and read all the words. Of course they don't always buy any pots but at least I think they have enjoyed looking at them.
There must be loads of suitable songs out there but sitting here tonight I can't think of any! So perhaps you may have some suggestions.


  1. How about:
    "Birds do it, Bees do it, even educated Fleas do it,
    Let's do it, let's fall in love!"

  2. Sorry, I didn't reread your post before suggesting a song you already used!!! It's such a good one. So how about:
    "Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise,
    The birds and the bees, they all whisper Louise..."

  3. They look like they are going to be stunning when they are fired.
    In fact they look stunning now.

  4. Your pottery is beautiful and I imagine it is quite a skill drawing on the clay with the glaze. I have really enjoyed looking at your work, your decorations and the pottery shapes.
    Glad you have enjoyed my drawings. Nature always seems to inspire me, living in the country side and by the sea, so much to choose from.
    Best wishes for 2012.