Sunday, 15 April 2012

Friday's work

 I finished this box on Friday. I had hoped that I would finish another one but working out the design proved to be time consuming and so I didn't finish the second. Although I've worked on drawings in my sketch pad they don't match the scale of the pot so I've had to rework them to fit.
Gradually the window end of my studio is becoming a drawing area. I think I will need to re think this when I need to do some glazing.


  1. Hello Margaret, we met numerous times at Aylesford Farnham.We are having a Raku day and I wondered if you would like to come,we all contribute some food and drink.It will be sat 16 th June 10 am 27 Greville Avenue Selsdon CR2 8NN nearly Croydon but not quite.We fire until all the pots have been fired 5 pots each and always have an enjoyable day.Love to see you

  2. I love your box--both the design and the decorations.