Monday, 24 March 2014

pug mill for sale

 The weather was beautiful on Sunday and although the garden is very neglected the mug tree is in bloom.

 I have been busy making mugs recently and have attempted to make the decoration more free. Here are the first results- I think I've a way to go yet!

There is a pug mill for sale in Compton. It's approximately 5 feet long and is very heavy. It is currently secured to a low wooden bench. It's being sold for £100 if anyone is interested you can contact me via e mail -
It will need a van to transport it but Mark and I can help with the loading.

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  1. Hi Margaret. I don't know how, but you dropped off my blog roll when i switched to feedly... and i must have assumed you just stopped posting. Now i have some catching up to do!! Still enjoying my splendid mug of yours. I can already see some tasty treats i need to read all about.