Monday, 28 April 2014

 Spring has definitely sprung and the bluebells are wonderful. We managed to get out for a family walk between the showers on Sunday. (We did loose a boy en route but that's another story-he did turn up at home much later!)
 In the past I've been very reluctant to make mugs as they are a lot of work and it seems to me you cannot charge very much for them. However, with the summer festivals coming up I decided I really needed to revisit them as people do enjoy buying mugs, after all it's very nice to take something home from a show and a mug is something you my use every day.
 Here are a few from the first batch I made and I've tried to make the decoration fairly loose (for me).
 Here are more mugs but from the second batch I made and I've used some stamps on them to add a different form of decoration.

 Here is a final mug which I am using myself now as I decided it was probably to 'free'.
 These bowls are commissions all ready to go to help celebrate somebodies special occasions.

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