Thursday, 13 November 2014


 I expect that by now everybody has seem the field of poppies at the Tower of London. They have made a moving impression on people.
At the end of my road is a school for children with learning disabilities. They too wanted to make a connection with the project and that's where they contacted me to help make and fire the ceramic poppies.
It's not a very large school so every pupil was able to get involved.
At first I wondered if they could get anything out of the project, after all it didn't seem very creative. However, I am surprised just how much it impacted the school as teachers,staff and even the caretaker all got involved.

 They obviously don't have the impact of the ones at the Tower of London but for each young person they had meaning and impact on an individual level as they made a connection. They were all ready just in time to be set out on Tuesday the 11th of November.

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