Saturday, 9 February 2008

kitchen dresser

I haven't got any pots out of the kiln as yet this week. I will be opening the kiln in the morning, though much of it is the work of my students. I have spent all week decorating more bowls and quite a few mugs. It is a very time consuming process. I hope to make some less decorated pots as soon as this batch are finished.
Any way I thought I would post a picture of a corner of my kitchen. Most of these pots are my own but there are a few others. There is a Mary Wonderauch cheese plate there on the righthand side. Even though I use an electric kiln and the firing cycle is exactly the same each time I still really look forward to opening it each time. It can be disappointing sometimes but equally it can be majic.

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  1. Very nice collection of pots you have on your dresser. Looks fab.