Sunday, 3 February 2008

Studio and recent pots

This is my studio probably as clean as it gets.Just over a year ago it was a dark, damp and very cold garage.
(As you can see my car has to sit outside!)
I did work out there but it was very difficult through the winter.
I have two books on studios 'Setting up a Pottery Workshop' by Alistair Young and 'Setting up Your Ceramic Studio'by Virginia Scotchie.The latter is the equivelent of Homes and Gardens for potters and features studios in North Carolina. Great to browse through with a cup of coffeee (or maybe a glass of red wine). There are 12 interesting studios ranging from rustic to state of the art modern, spacious workshops. Possibly Ron has visited some of these.

These four bowls came out of the kiln this week.
I had forgotten all about the seaside themes that I had done before but a lady saw a Noah's ark bowl in a gallery and asked for some along the same lines.
I think I may well do some more this week while I am still in 'seaside' mode.

I love your bowl with the fowl in the centre Hannah. I have never done any slip trailing. My one attempt did not go well so I never returned to the method. I would be really interested to know how you apply your slip to the outside of the bowl. Doug has given me some instructions for pouring which I am now using for applying glaze. Tomorrow I am going to mix a large bin of glaze so I may return to dipping.


  1. Hi, On the big bowls the outside was very awkward. Those two I put upside down on a huge bat and brushed the slip onto the outside and then trailed them still upside down. Actually no, I did that with the honey one but the black one with the tulips I slipped upside down but decorated the right way up. I hadn't taken into account the extra weight of having to shake the big bowls though when I poured slip into them. Or the fact that turning them over was going to be really hard with only one pair of hands!

    I love slip trailing, I could do it forever.

  2. Margaret
    Just found your blog. It was a happy "find" for you are doing awesome work! It's a joy.

  3. These are great Margaret, lovely drawing. Love the mermaid's purse.