Sunday, 14 September 2008

Children's work

I decided that I would not continue the children's class this term so these are a few of the remaining things the children made. They were very disappointed as they have really enjoyed the classes but I need more space for my own work. Also it will mean that I don't have quite as many commitments.
When we were out and about in Reigate on Saturday we noticed signs for Heritage week-end and various buildings that are not generally open to the public were open. One of them was the oldest public lending library in the country having been opened in 1701. Another was the Natural HIstory Club which had a display of the remnants of medieval pots that had been excavated locally. Even in their broken and fragmented state they were very strong and captivating. I would very much have liked to actually handle them. I particularly like the green glaze and have wanted for some time to develope a green glaze. I think it's time for some more glaze testing!

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  1. I always love seeing the kids work. Thanks for sharing those Medieval photos too.