Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Clay wall

With the recent good weather we have at last been able to sit in the garden and enjoy the sun. Having a cup of coffee in the garden or lunch is a simple thing but such a pleasure.
Here is a glimpse of my shelves! They are starting to fill up now and I had to get a biscuit firing in last night to make some room.More decorating to do today and then tomorrow I will be back to throwing.

Mark and I had a very enjoyable day out in London on Sunday. We went to the market in Brick Lane for lunch. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and everywhere was buzzing with people. There is an exotic array of food stalls in the market all very colourful and enticing. After ferreting around some of the market stalls we explored the little shops down Cheshire Street. We then walked on to see Hannah at Ceramics in the City.
Clay is one of the most wonderful materials. It's great to handle and it's plastic qualities make it a wonderful medium to use. I think I played with mud pies quite a bit as a child.
I find almost everything made out of clay fascinating.
I came across this video of Andy Galsworthy building a clay wall the other day. I so wanted to get my hands on that clay and join in!!
See if you can find it here


  1. Those are the most wonderful colanders I've ever seen.

  2. Agreed. Absolutely beautiful!


  3. Damn it! One day there'll be a picture of me that doesn't make me cringe - maybe!

  4. agree r e colanders.

    Long room show finishes tomorrow but people will be collecting so might not be much to see. Was a good show though.

  5. Your work is wonderful Margaret and I want to buy some! Will you be doing any fairs etc before Christmas?


  6. Hi margaret, thank you so much for your comment on The C Word
    I have now written about Ceramics in the City, a small triumph since I didn't manage to get there this year. V. upsetting since it's probably my favourite of the annual ceramics gigs. Shall add your blog and Hannah's to mine, so people can see other comments and pictures of it.

  7. oh, forgot to say BEAUTIFUL BLOG!! xC