Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Oh no can they really be stoneware? These are jugs I made to demonstrate to one of my students so I have used the same clay and glaze that he was using. At first I wondered what I could do with them-but a friend had a birthday so I baught a couple of bunches of flowers and put them in the larger one. Birthday presentsorted! When the adult education centre closed about three years ago I inherited these glazes.
Let me introduce you to my daughter and my eldest son. He's all ready to go to his 'leavers' bash'. I now have two boys at home on 'study leave' as they are doing A levels and GCSEs.

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  1. Very fine looking jugs Margaret, it's interesting to see them in a different set of materials. GCSE this end too. Luke starts his study leave today. Makes me feel old!

    Ron's talking of coming over in the summer and maybe doing a demo at Nic's place on Dartmoor - some time around August 17th(ish). There'll be room to camp, I'll keep you posted. I think Ang may be over at some stage too. International blogger's convention