Friday, 2 October 2009


As much of my imagery in my current work has included bees and beetles I thought I would keep a look out for the images on other products. I thought it would be easy to find a number of items. I did find a beetle set in resin which has the most lustrous colours when the sun catches it but apart from that the only other use of a bee I found on a bottle of beer! Of course I had to buy some to add to my meager collection and obviously I had to sample the contents. (I call it research and dedication to the cause).
Has any one out there found bugs and beetles on any art work or products?


  1. Stunningly beautiful work.

  2. Hello Margaret,

    Check this out maybe you will find it useful.


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  4. You might like the jewellery by Lucy Jade Sylvester.
    We had it in the last exhibition, which was sponsored by Fullers 'Honey Dew' ale, I only asked them because I liked the label [honest].

  5. Well as you ask yes, I used to paint bees on huge chargers from 1998 to about 2001, they were oversized bees, about 8 cm across, no more that 6 to a plate, and in a faithful slipware tradition all jeweled in white slip. I used all earth found coloured slips and fired under a honey (no pun intended) iron rich glaze. I will try and find an image and post it up on my blog. Thanks for the link to mine by the way.