Saturday, 26 February 2011

Ceramic Art London

Today I've been to Ceramic Art London at the Royal College of Art. It was refreshing to get out and see such a diverse collection of ceramics.
I had hoped to be able to share some pictures of the work I saw but at the moment blogger isn't letting me put any more images up!
The images above are of work by Susan O'Byrne. They were quite tender ethereal animals which seemed to be made of tiny fragments of clay pieced together like a patchwork.
I also got to meet Clementina van der Walt. It's always interesting to meet other 'bloggers'.
One of the nice things about going to shows is that potters are happy for you to 'fondle' their creations. It is so much more informative to handle peoples work than to see pictures of it. So I've had a good time handling tea pots and bowls and feeling the texture of pots.
If I'd been able to buy anything I would have bought a tea pot by Akiko Hirai. I had never seen her work before and I really liked her aesthetic.
If you're in London the show is still on tomorrow.


  1. I love Akikos pots - very quiet but very beautiful. Would like to see more pictures if you can find a way of displaying them - i won't get down there this year, unfortunately.

  2. I would have loved to see this Margaret. Bridget Drakeford was exhibiting - we sell her beautiful pots in our gallery.

    The animals by Susan O'Byrne look fantastic!

  3. When I read of your intersting and inpirational trips to London I wish that I lived a little closer, or rather that transport was affordable and convenient (HA)! It is so good to read your reports though, thanks - and I look forward to more photos when blogger behaves.

  4. Really love to watch your work, it really is fascinating. Thanx for showing such great collection.