Thursday, 3 February 2011

Out and about

This is a jug I was working with on Monday. This is just the first of a series that I am using a maritime theme on. It can take a while to work out the ideas on the pots because what works in the sketch book doesn't always immediately tranfer onto the pot.
After Monday I took a break as both Barnaby and Mark have time off.
So today we got out and about doing pottery related activities. A trip to Babylon Tile works and then on to Clay Cellar.
This mound of clay is straight out of the clay pit. Before it's made by hand into tiles it's put through two pug mills. The pugged clay is no good for my work as some sand is introduced into the clay. It is a beautiful plastic clay. You can see from the fired tiles that it fires to a rich warm red - just wonderful. I get quite excited about the clay in this state!
At Clay Cellar I indulged in a small quantity of lustre to experiment with. The day out has got me excited about getting back to work on Monday.

When we returned home the postman had left a parcel. It's a present to myself! A tea pot and a yunomi by Brandon Philips. I am thrilled with them, not only do they look good but they work perfectly as well. I wish the photo did them justice but I wanted Brandon to see they had arrived in one piece. ( Actually I think Brandon must have a degree in packaging they were wrapped so well)!


  1. groovy new boat themes are they for a show or just play?? ooh and self pressies i love those and yep brandon packs well!!!