Friday, 27 May 2011

In the studio

Last week was a busy week. It was very broken up by various activities. I prefer to settle down to working in the studio and getting a good working rhythm.
Wednesday I had to go to London to apply for visas for my two eldest sons to go to China in the summer. Well having cued there I felt entitled to a trip to the V and A's ceramics galleries. Hence the plate above. I seem to see different things every time I go.
Last Saturday we went to Brighton to Artists Open Houses. I decided which ones I would like to visit without consulting the map. As a result we seemed to walk miles around Brighton.
The botanical curiosities above and the framed bugs are by Linsay Pol and Mark Oliver.
I thought they were humorous but also exquisitely done.
Back in the studio I've been working on some tureens. I am enjoying working on these. I wish I had a better camera so that I could take my own photos of birds. We get wonderful birds coming into our garden onto the bird feeders and plants. I have tried photographing them but my camera just isn't up to it!
Below are teapots that came out of the kiln on Thursday and some jugs that didn't make the grade for The Ancient Mariner.

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