Friday, 6 May 2011

Playing with templates

Today I was looking at this bowl. I made it many years ago when the children were little and I had very little time to pot. My work really starts in my sketch book and for some of the work I make templates. This is because when doing sgraffito mistakes can't be rectified so it's good to get the image in the right place. Also I like the process of making the templates. It tends to make me simplify the images. Even cutting them out helps to reduce them to a clear,simple image. Otherwise I think my work might get very detailed.
I have my trusty 'bird' scissors to aid in the process.
I had hoped to find the template for the ship in the bowl but I had thrown it away. But in looking for the template I realise that I have scores of templates. So I got some blu tac out and stuck some onto a sheet of paper.

I am thinking that I want to make a very large pot and put lots of these images on. Just have to get to grips with throwing large!

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea Margaret! I have the same issue where I usually want to over-do an image or just fill every part of the surface. I also tend to sketch- I should give this method a go!
    Love the bowl!