Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A week-end outing.

In January/ February issue of Ceramic Review there was an article entitled 'Beautiful Brickwork', about Watts Chapel in Compton. When friends came for lunch on Saturday I gave them the article to read whilst I got the lunch. They expressed an interest in visiting it so we took an impromptu trip to Compton
The whole place is a confection of terracotta. During the creation of it more than 70 local villagers contributed making it a real community project.
I had forgotten to take my camera but I found these images on the Internet.
This is my desk!
I very rarely watch TV instead I tend to 'fiddle 'about at my desk. I've just finished painting these fish. I very quickly lost interest in the painting as I only copied the fish out of various books, however, they may well end up on a bowl, or maybe around the sides of a large storage jar.

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