Friday, 9 March 2012

When it goes wrong.

I've been working on these small tureens today and yesterday. I thought I had a good idea to make some ladles to go with them. Unfortunately they didn't survive being dipped into the slip. They are probably just not a very good shape for slipping so it's time to re-think that process. I still like the idea but obviously need to go about it a different way!


  1. oops. I know the feeling. We learn by trial and error don't we? Better luck with the next ones.
    I liked seeing the pics from Compton in the previous post too.

  2. Boy, do I EVER know the feeling. Slip might be a little too heavy for those delicate items, I guess. But look at those BEAUTIFUL jars!

  3. If it's any help, I would try dipping the handle letting that dry then dip the bowl end, it has worked for me in the past.