Friday, 8 June 2012

 I've been thinking about 'reliquaries' and about what personal reliquaries we may have. This sewing box was given to me 40 years ago and now holds small relics. Nothing of any real value but items that remind me of  special times. A brooch given to me by my grandmother, a tiny book out of a dolls house a string of glass beads given to my mother by my father when they first met. I can't help smiling whenever I open up the box.

 This 'reliquary' may never hold the bones of a saint or a splinter of the true cross but perhaps it may hold some special treasure or reminder of a moment in time. In fact this 'reliquary' isn't going to make it to Imagine Gallery because it has a tiny crack in the base so I might just build up my own narrative with fragments of objects and paintings.

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  1. ooohhhh, look at al those treasures!! I have lots of these little reliquaries around my house, little things I can never seem to get rid of from family memories.... can't wait to se the show at Imagine.