Wednesday, 20 June 2012


 What do you do when you should be packing? Blog, of course! I should be packing tents and camping equipment, pots and carrier bags, shelves and plinths and probably welly boots and umbrellas. But I got diverted when I was looking in the attic for the tent and I found a tripod for my camera. I got it down intending to throw it out as I've never succeeded in attaching it to my camera so I assumed it was the wrong size. However, suddenly it was all very clear and I could see exactly how to attach it.
Well I couldn't throw it away then instead I had to go into the garden and take some photos.
I'm off to Earth and Fire tomorrow you can check it out on the web and look up all the potters who will be there. ( Now there's a diversion for you!)


  1. Looking forward to seeing you at our Annual Pilgrimage, Earth and Fire.